Monday, 11 April 2016

The Question Of Power

I was reading an article at work on the subject of power. I found it a very unsatisfying read. It did make me think about power though. And anything that makes you think is good.

What makes one powerful? Wealth? Status? Knowledge? Wisdom? In my simple mind, I don't think these would be enough to fit the definition.

I think a powerful individual is one who strives to do good. Of what use are any of the above if they are not accompanied with the desire to do good? A man of wealth should feed the poor, a man of rank should spread justice, a man of knowledge should teach others, and a man of wisdom should set an honest example for his brethren. Without goodness, they are not powerful, they are simply a wealthy man, an esteemed man, a knowledgeable man, and a wise man.

I cannot deny that such individuals though empty of good are still powerful in our world today. But that kind of power isn't really true power. True power is that which has the support of God behind it. And God is always behind good. There are certain journalists for example, whom I admire greatly. They use their knowledge and voice for good, they stand for justice, and you can really see what powerful names they have become in society today. I could name many such individuals, from many different fields and walks of life.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I was powerful. What would I do? Would I do any good? Would I become crazy? Would my desire to be good remain or would it be forgotten in my quest for power? It makes me laugh when I think about this. I imagine the heavens with me but I cannot imagine any people siding with me. Sadly, I've not made too many people happy in my lifetime. I also find it comical however because I get such bad anxiety at times. I hate speaking in front of large crowds. I hate being put in the spotlight. I recently had to speak somewhere and my hands were shaking so badly I was sure I was going to drop the mic. This is unacceptable in my definition of a powerful person. Such an individual should be articulate and eloquent in their manner of speaking. Because half of what makes a person powerful is not only the words they choose to speak but the manner in which they choose to speak them.

Anywho, what do I know? These are just a simpleton's ramblings to the Universe. Perhaps someone will enlighten me one day. There is one thing though that I do know for sure. One should always keep good intentions. Therefore, if I were a powerful person I would be a good person. I think good intentions can translate into good actions. And so I shall make this one good intention.

Goodnight world!

With love,

~Lulu xxo

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