Wednesday, 13 April 2016

A Poem To Remember

And I loved her, all of her, for how I watched her crawl beneath my skin and into my soul.
And I loved her, for how she would crawl over my dark fields and leave roses left to grow.
And I loved her, for how she devoured me whole and made sense of all my bones.
But most of all, I loved her, all of her, for healing my pieces and guiding them back home.

I love this poem. I don't take something like this to be fiction. If not for the writer, I feel that for someone these words must hold true. I'm certain someone out there in the world feels like. And I think that's lovely.

I hope that I can love in such a way one day. I hope that the boy I love can feel me in his soul, in his bones. Would it be that my love would give him courage, make him feel at peace? Well, it would be really nice if I could be that kind of presence in his life. The truth is, I'm afraid of making someone miserable…I'm not sure what anyone would get out of being with me. This makes me feel rather guilty. To love someone would be an enormous responsibility. But if you treat the love you share with someone as truly sacred then it's a responsibility you want to carry out--one that you'll do justice to.

I think people love in a lot of different ways and on different levels. I want to love the way God would except me to love. I want to love the way He loves.  I feel that loving a person should stem from loving God. This would be true love and would encompass all of it's most important aspects: trust, friendship, faith, courage, regard. I hope that I can love everyone in my life the way they deserve to be loved.

Anyways, I'm so very sleepy. I wish I could talk about poetry with someone. My friends aren't too concerned with it. Well. I am still learning how to love and maybe someday the Universe will see me worthy to love and be loved.

Until then,


~Lulu xxo

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